EFFPA presentation at the Bioeconomy Policy Day

On 16 November 2017, EFFPA President Paul Featherstone gave a presentation on behalf of EFFPA in a session about food waste organised by DG SANTE at the Bioeconomy Policy Day. Featherstone gave an introduction to former foodstuff processing, while putting a focus on safety and sustainability.

He pointed to the importance of the food waste hierarchy, which makes clear that all efforts should first be made that food should be destined to human consumption, but also shows animal feed is a superior outlet to anaerobic digestion because of its bioeconomy characteristics. For the benefit of an innovative former foodstuff processing sector, Featherstone highlighted the need for a smooth legal transition of food into feed, while safety and traceability are guaranteed. As regards the expansion of sources, he noted the unused surpluses created at supermarket level as the most promising stream of former foodstuff that could help to further reduce food waste. In addition, legislative changes that would allow for the feed use of sweets containing ruminant gelatin, crisps containing bacon flavouring and pasta made with insect protein would further broaden the scope of former foodstuffs. Given former foodstuff processing increases the environmental performance of both the food industry and the compound feed industry, Featherstone supported the development of LCA tools that can help to make former foodstuff processing part of their sustainable business strategy.

The presentation of Paul Featherstone can be viewed here, as part of the session “Practice of food waste prevention as implementation of policy of circular economy”, with his contribution starting at 15:26:50.