The structured and organised collection, storage and processing of former foodstuffs for the use as specialised feed materials gave rise to a new industrialised food chain sector in various European regions; the Former Foodstuff Processing industry.

By executing the transition from foodstuff to animal feed the former foodstuff processing industry plays a pivotal role in the link between the food and feed chain while simultaneously contributing to both sector’s sustainability objectives. The valorisation into feed helps the food industry with reducing food waste accumulation and the feed industry with the sourcing of safe, high quality ingredients with the lowest environmental footprint possible.

To allow the sector to increase its contributions, former foodstuff processors in Europe should be able to work to a legal framework that has taken the specific manufacturing practices applied in the industry into account. The sector deserves to be recognised as an integral part of the food and feed chain, supported with coherent legal definitions and full acceptance of its good manufacturing practices, falling outside the scope of waste recycling operations. This is particularly relevant in countries where former foodstuff processing is still in a start-up phase and needs to overcome misconceptions at the level of competent control authorities and food chain partners.

With a view to guaranteeing feed safety along the chain, EFFPA is committed to develop the former foodstuff processing sector’s minimum requirements as regards the processing and the sourcing of former foodstuffs, in order to minimise and manage feed chain exposure to any safety risks. This is relevant to all suppliers to the former foodstuff processing industry, mainly food manufacturers, but increasingly food retailers and the logistics businesses within the food chain.

EFFPA is focused on expanding its membership across Europe in order to further justify its role as both the leading and independent voice of the former foodstuff processing industry. EFFPA will offer strong leadership and guidance to its members while representing the sector’s best interests at all times with all its stakeholders. With active cooperation of the competent authorities, EFFPA aims for the sector to be established as the responsible supply chain partner meeting all feed safety requirements for the benefit of the entire EU food and feed chain.