EFFPA was established on 1 January 2014. Its founding members have intended for the EU association to manifest the position of the Former Foodstuff Processing industry as a responsible partner in the food and feed chain which is respected by all its stakeholders and EU policy makers. By linking food manufacturing to animal feed production sector, the sector EFFPA represents makes an important contribution to the respective sustainability targets as regards resource efficiency.

The aim of EFFPA is to

  • represent, defend and promote the interests of the former foodstuffs processing industry towards the European Institutions;
  • lobby for a legislative framework and its implementation, without discrimination in EU Member States so as to maximise the feed use of food products not used for human consumption;
  • develop professional rules and good manufacturing practices including the sourcing of former foodstuffs that ensure the quality and the safety of the produced feed;
  • promote the feed use of former foodstuffs as the number two option after human consumption in a sustainable way responding to the objective of a sustainable feed and food chain;
  • foster pre-competitive research with a view to improve the efficiency of the conversion of former foodstuffs in feed and its sustainability, as well as the establishment of standards (e.g. methods of analysis for packaging residues);
  • support the establishment and development of national associations of former foodstuff processors complementary to the objectives and interests of EFFPA