EFFPA welcomes publication of EU Food Waste Reduction Targets

Brussels, 5th of July 2023

On the 5th of July the European Commission has released the targets for food waste reduction as part of a package of measures aimed to stimulate the sustainable use of key natural resources. With nearly 59 million tonnes (131 kg/inhabitant) of food wasted in the EU each year estimated at a market value of €132 billion, the EU is now taking action. More than half of the food waste (53%) is generated by households, followed by the processing and manufacturing sector (20%). The released targets concern food processing operations, the retail sector, and households. In order to make a significant impact, the EU wants to reduce food waste generation by 10%, in processing and manufacturing, and by 30% (per capita), jointly at retail and consumption (restaurants, food services and households). EFFPA welcomes the release of the Food Waste Reduction Targets as an opportunity for the food value chain to engage with the former foodstuffs processing sector to benefit from the animal feed solution to prevent food waste.
In adherence to the Food Waste Hierarchy, the former foodstuff processing sector plays a special role. A significant contribution towards the successful implementation of these targets is possible through the processing of food losses into safe ingredients destined to animal feed, which is recognised as a means of food waste prevention. By these means currently about 5 million tons of former foodstuffs can be processed every year in Europe. EFFPA has established itself as an important stakeholder in the discussion and adoption of the food waste reduction targets as a member of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste, for which EFFPA is co-chair of the Action & Implementation Subgroup in 2023. It is EFFPA’s ambition to strengthen the cooperation with authorities, food business operators, as well as retailers to reduce avoidable food losses in the chain through animal feed.

Valentina Massa, EFFPA President about the released targets: “The adoption of the Food Waste Reduction Targets by the European Commission supports the key role that animal feed and in particular, former foodstuff processing plays in the valorisation of food no longer destined for human consumption as a prevention solution of food losses and a relevant support in the feed autonomy strategy. EFFPA is resolute in demonstrating to policy makers and chain partners that together we possess a means to further prevent/reduce food wastage, while we also hold a key solution for compound feed manufacturing with lower GHG emissions and water consumption together with an important reduction of land use for livestock production. Former foodstuff processing should be recognised as a key lever in
driving a sustainable food system.”