Together in Support of a Circular Economy! 

Discover what significant role food manufacturers and retailers can play in the circular green economy by making former foodstuffs available for animal feed production.

Join us for a webinar with contributions and presentations from AIBI, EuroCommerce, EFFPA and GMP+ will share valuable insights on the role of the food waste reduction potential of Former Foodstuff Processing. 

Date: 6 June 2023 – 10 -11 am

Format: Online

Registration:  Follow this Link or use the QR Code above

Webinar speakers: 

Didier Jans – International Association of Plant Bakers (AIBI)

Co-products circularity in the Bakery industry

Els Bedert – EuroCommerce

Retail and Wholesale continued focus on reducing Food Waste

Valentina Massa – European Former Foodstuff Processor’s Association (EFFPA)

Introduction to EFFPA and Former Foodstuff Processing

Jaap van der Kloet – GMP+ International

Feed Hygiene & Safety Requirements for Retailers and Food Manufacturers to sell Former Foodstuffs


This Webinar is part of the EU Green Week and the European Year of Skills