New member from Greece joins EFFPA

The Greek company Nuevo S.A. has joined EFFPA as an Observer Member as of 1 April 2014. Nuevo S.A. is already a well-established operator on the market for feed premixes and since last year started running a pilot in former foodstuff processing.

Nuevo S.A. is the first operator in Greece to undertake a structural and organised approach towards the processing of former foodstuffs from food manufacturers into feedstuffs. Considering the market still needs to be developed, there is a significant amount of former foodstuffs that is currently being lost from the food chain through other disposal routes.

Paul Featherstone, EFFPA President; “I am very pleased to see EFFPA membership extend to the South-East of Europe. This gives us greater credibility as an EU association to define the minimum requirements for a sector that still lacks EU harmonised legislation”. Nikos Gogorosis, Managing Director Nuevo S.A.: “We have many questions around the legislative framework for former foodstuff processors. Existing EFFPA members actually face the same problems at Member State level, particularly as regards requiring a legal clarification at EU level on the feed status of former foodstuffs. EFFPA membership will help Nuevo S.A. greatly in guiding food manufacturers towards feed regulatory compliance and thus reduce food waste accumulation in Greece”.