EFFPA Vice-President Alexander Romme – FEFAC’s Circular Feed webinar

On the 31 of March, FEFAC held its 6th edition of Charter Webinar Series 2030. This webinar focused on “The future of nutrient recovery through animal nutrition”. 

After an introduction of FEFAC President Asbjorn Borsting to remind the context and the importance of long-term perspective for circular feed, Dr. Scholten, scientific advisor from Wageningen University set this scene for the discussions with scientific perspective.

Then Alexander Romme, EFFPA Vice-President, exposed the circular potential of former foodstuffs processing in a panel discussion together with speakers from the insects, phosphorous recovery, and algae industries. Alexander Romme focused his presentation on 3 key ways of development to increase the amount of products circularly processed:

  • Actions at supplier level (food manufacturers & retailers): efforts have to be done to increase the collaboration between former foodstuffs processors and suppliers. Raising awareness on this circular way of valorisation is key;
  • Actions at customer level (feed industry and food businesses): former foodstuffs feed products are high-quality products with a low carbon footprint. 
  • Actions at policy level: food & feed use should always prevail. To do so, defining safeguard measures to energy-related policies is a priority to keep food losses within sustainable food systems. 

You can find the recording & the presentations of all the panelists in this link.