EFFPA publishes video to explain former foodstuff processing

In the framework of the 2nd International Food Waste Awareness Day on 29 September 2021, EFFPA has published a video to explain former foodstuff processing. In this process, food losses emerging at food manufacturer and retail level are processed to be used as feed ingredients for food-producing animals. Examples of former foodstuffs are bread, biscuits, breakfast cereals, pasta and confectionery.

The video demonstrates the contribution the former foodstuffs processing sector makes to prevent food waste from occurring by giving food losses a purpose as feed for animals, who produce animal products such as meat, milk and eggs. As the video highlights, food manufacturers and retail will always first consider food donation possibilities. Also, former foodstuff processors do not process any food losses that contain meat or fish.

The recently re-elected EFFPA President Valentina Massa: “EFFPA members are very proud to launch this video which explains the pivotal role former foodstuff processors play in preventing food waste. We do this in cooperation with food manufacturers and retailers who want to maximize their efforts as regards environmental sustainability and food waste prevention. Furthermore, the video underlines that the feed produced by former foodstuff processors from food losses is very sustainable and perfectly suitable for carbon emissions reduction strategies for animal products. Former foodstuff processing is in the heart of the circular food economy and ensures nutrient use in the food chain is optimized”.