EFFPA on Plenary Stage at Final FUSIONS Event

At the last European Platform meeting of FUSIONS, organised on 19 May 2016 in Brussels, EFFPA was invited to speak during the plenary panel discussion on how to reduce food waste. EFFPA President Paul Featherstone explained the basics of former foodstuff processing and how the sector contributes to the food chain circular economy. EFFPA has been involved with FUSIONS since the beginning of the project and is grateful for having been able to present animal feed to food producing animals as a solution to the food waste challenge. EFFPA President Paul Featherstone: “FUSIONS was one of the first food waste projects that recognised the feed use of food no longer suitable for human consumption as a means to reduce food waste in the supply chain. EFFPA deeply appreciates the consultative approach of the FUSIONS project leaders have taken over the past few years and their contribution to the increasingly positive image of former foodstuff processors”.

Featherstone also used the opportunity to call on EU Member States to start transposing the revised Renewable Energy Directive which was agreed in September 2015. The new RED would put an end to the subsidised support for bioenergy producers using feed-grade former foodstuffs.