New member from Canada joins EFFPA

The Canadian company SPB Solutions has joined EFFPA as an Associate Member. SPB Solutions is a former foodstuff processor operating mainly in Quebec and Ontario with over 40 years of experience.

SPB Solutions hopes engaging with EFFPA will bring new perspectives to former foodstuff processing in Canada, where in total approximately 340.000 ton
nes of former foodstuffs are processed into animal feed. Sylvain Brasseur, President SPB Solutions: “Though our industry operations are very similar, it is clear we can still learn a lot from each other, both in terms of the legal framework and innovation drivers”.

SPB Solutions is the first non-EU member to join EFFPA. EFFPA President Paul Featherstone: “SPB Solutions brings a whole new world of knowledge on former foodstuff processing to EFFPA. We can now proudly say that EFFPA has international significance”. EFFPA encourages further membership applications from former foodstuffs processors from outside the EU, either as an Associate or an Observer member.


Featherstone & Brasseur

Paul Featherstone & Sylvain Brasseur